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Meet The Team

 Pastor Greg Morgan

Youth Pastor-Josh Herlihy

Elder: Steve Holbrook

Elder: Mike Ring 

Ladies Ministry: Marylin Newell

Searching for a home?

We know searching for a home is hard.  So we want to give you as much info as we can.  You can look at our past sermons, or check out our youth instagram, or our church facebook, but we'll also try and help answer questions here or just call/email.

We believe in cross generational worship. So we sing current songs and still sing some older hymns occasionally as well.  We believe in coming as you are, but not staying there, as we grow in our worship of Jesus Christ.  So attire is as you feel comfortable.  I (pastor Greg) preach in both jeans and a sweater and a suit- however I feel like dressing for that particular message.  So come as you feel comfortable. Trust me, you'll fit in just fine.

The greatest thing I hear about our church is how people are received with love, care, and a genuine interest.  We truly are a church that cares about others.  

We'd love to get to know you, and your family, as we grow in the Word together.


To check out what we believe, click below to download the church constitution and bylaws.

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