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Online Giving

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Whether it be tithes or offerings, God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9).  Giving is often a reflection of the heart.  As a pastor of mine once said, "You can tell where a persons heart is if you check their planner and their checkbook."  

Here at PSBC:  We trust God to provide, and we ask you to give what God has called you to give.  No more, no less.

We trust Him, and we pray that you will be blessed in your obedience.

Ways to Give:

  • In person on Sunday Service (tithe box at back of the sanctuary)

  • Online securely through Paypal by clicking the "Donate" button

When giving online through PayPal, you can easily set up re-occurring weekly or monthly donations by clicking the check box as you make your first donation.  By automating your giving, you can set up a standard process of giving regularly to support the work God is doing in our own community.  

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